This workshop marks the kick-off of my VENI project, entitled CoGrow: Coalgebraic growth – uniform studies of form emergence.
The project aims at finding new grounds to apply coalgebraic and categorical techniques, using growth as a general theme, seeking inspiration in different areas.
These include models of growth of simple multicellular organisms, plants, trees and, more challenging and unexpected, of economic games.

The workshop consists of two days where the first day consists of talks/tutorials on modelling in Biology and the second day on algorithmic game theory and applications to economics.
I am very plesed to have keynote talks by Richard Smith and Krzysztof Apt.
The programme includes also tutorials/talks by Diego Caratelli, Jesse Dorrestijn, Johan Gielis, Daniela Petrisan, and Philipp Zahn.
Attendance is free. In order to order enough food for lunch and also to book the restaurant for the social dinner on Monday 8th I kindly ask you to register via email to